OC&E Railway HO Scale Layout

The Oregon, California and Eastern Railway can be seen in action on this 5,500 square foot HO scale model railroad layout. Breathtaking vistas and high wooden bridges are seen throughout this miniature world.



4 thoughts on “OC&E Railway HO Scale Layout”

  1. Would like to duplicate your forest fire for a friend. I was wondering if you could give me information on how you did it. I’m assuming you used an Arduino uno. If so could you share the written program. Also, what did you use for smoke? Is it a smoke generator or is it a water mist ?I would really appreciate your help.

    • Hi-

      I have not visited for a few years. But when I was there about 2016 the smoke for the forest fire came from (I think two?) G scale locomotive smoke generators. It had a custom made smoke fluid reservoir that held about 1 week of fluid for daily operations.

  2. Your exhibits are the most authentic and well done I have ever seen! I especially love that you have modeled a real railroad, not made one up. And I like the 4-stage landscaping explanation exhibit. I’ll definitely bring the Loveland Historical Society, not to mention my family, for another visit.

  3. Hello,

    I’m just a hobbyist active like 50 years ago but have always wanted to build a modest layout. That’s it.

    PS I love seeing those awesome RR tressles n’ towns … amazing. I will come by if ever near CO.



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