Covid-19 Updates

December 15, 2020

The museum is re-open! We have limited hours in December and then back to normal in January.

November 21st, 2020

Dear CMRM Members and Friends,

Our nation, region, local communities and each of us individually continue to feel the impact from this pandemic crisis. Our highest hope is that you’re each doing well!

In accordance with the State of Colorado Red Level status for Weld County, our doors will be closing again on Sunday, Nov. 22nd, at 5:00pm, but our mission of providing a model railroading experience that educates, inspires, and brings joy to all ages will continue.  Instead of you coming to us, we will be creating more virtual programming and virtual holiday activities.  We hope to create a plan for our Zoom with Santa events so that your family can speak directly to Santa from your home.   

While Michelle and staff are focused on outreach efforts, our Board of Directors is focused on financial and other internal management efforts that will ensure we’re ready to reopen safely as soon as conditions and public policy allow.

We will continue to advise you by mail when your membership is about to expire, and we hope you choose and are able to stick with us, but we also understand that some will be challenged to do so.  You will continue to receive our Membership updates and we look forward to seeing you again after this is all over and life is back to “normal”.

While we have no estimate on when we’ll be permitted to reopen, we are beginning our planning for doing so.  That plan will include our safety measures that have been in place the past few months, designed to both protect you, our volunteers and staff, and give you the confidence that we are fully prepared to both safely and warmly welcome you back.

Until then, “visit us” on You Tube, Facebook, Instagram and our website.

Stay safe, healthy and happy!

Tim McMahon                                         Michelle Kempema

CMRM Board President                         CMRM Executive Director                                                                        

August 10, 2020

Welcome Back to the Colorado Model Railroad Museum!

We’ve missed you! The trains are ready for you to enjoy.

While many things have changed this year, our commitment to our Mission to provide a model railroad experience that educates, inspires and brings joy to all ages has not wavered.  During the time the museum was closed we adapted and brought you virtual education through our “STEAM Kids Virtual Classroom” with fun activities for the whole family exploring science themes. We also partnered with Caboose in Denver to bring modelers together through the weekly virtual show, “OS Virtual Check-In.”  Our Executive Director took you on a virtual tour of the museum artifacts on Facebook, we made some changes and improvements to the building, and our Board of Directors and staff worked to create a safe environment for you to return to when our doors open again.  We have been busy!

We feel confident we can now provide our guests with a safe and enjoyable visit.

There are some things you will need to know in order to visit the museum now.  Here are some of the changes:

You need to buy your timed entry ticket online.

We are operating at a very limited capacity for safety so you will need to make sure you purchase your timed entry ticket online before you arrive to guarantee there is capacity for you to visit. Tickets will be available in two week windows. Members will use the same online ticketing system. When you enter your member number your admission will be complimentary to your membership package.

Buy Tickets Online Here:

You need to wear a mask.

In order to provide for the safety of both our guests and our staff and volunteers we are requiring that visitors wear a mask during their visit.

You need to sanitize your hands.

We are providing hand sanitizer at the entrance to the museum and require that each guest uses this station before proceeding into the building.   We also will have sanitizer available throughout the building and guests may wash their hands at any time and as often as they would like.

You need to social distance.

Did you know that the diameter of one wheel on Union Pacific Steam Locomotive No. 844, the “Living Legend”, is a little more than 6 feet?   There are even “railroad” ways to social distance and we ask that all our guests practice at least 6’ social distancing.  We have also taped directional pathway signs to our floor.  Some areas are one-way traffic to ensure social distancing.

Museum changes for your Safety:

  • The museum has been deep cleaned and sanitized before opening and has a cleaning protocol in place to ensure guest safety during your visit.
  • The “Little Shop That Could” gift shop is now a window shopping experience for guest safety.  Please feel free to browse the cabinets and store front windows during your visit and let a staff member know if you would like to purchase anything.
  • Some experiences and common areas have been temporarily closed.  We no longer have a children’s touchable play area, but we now have an exhibit on model structures for you to look at.  The caboose is also temporarily closed for safety precautions but there is a new simulator experience you can view just behind the caboose.   There are many new exhibit features and even a new surprise train you will see on the layout and we are excited for you to come and see them.

We appreciate our Members and Guests and hope you will understand we are striving to provide the safest possible visitor experience for you and your family.

Safety First:

  • If you are experiencing a cough, fever, or other flu like symptoms, please plan to visit the museum at a different date.  If you already have purchased a ticket, please call the museum and we can get your ticket moved to a different date in the future.
  • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth.  If you do not own a mask the museum can provide one for you.  Costume masks are not acceptable.
  • Social Distance both outside and inside the facility.  We realize this may make your visit a little longer due to some of the museum’s narrower walkways that are now one-way pathways… but remember you are here to enjoy a miniature world so take a moment to stop and soak in the scenery if you are feeling impatient.
  • Wash your hands.  Or use the hand sanitizer found throughout the building. 
  • See something, say something.  Please notify staff or volunteers if see something that needs attention.  Safety is our top priority and with your help we can have a safe environment for everyone.

Visitors and members that have underlying health conditions or are otherwise concerned about contracting COVID-19 should not visit the Museum.

We are excited to have you safely back!


Michelle Kempema

Executive Director

11 thoughts on “Covid-19 Updates”

  1. I see that you are closed at least until your July Board Meeting. What date is that so that I know when to check again?

  2. Is there any possibility that the layout will be open this month. Coming out from California, and would love to see this layout.

    Dan Baker

  3. Hi Michelle … watching closely for news regarding reopening… I don’t see any report about the July board meeting- any updates? We have our masks and are ready!

  4. Hello,
    We are planning a family trip to Estes Park the first couple weeks in September. Is there a chance we might be able to visit your museum?


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