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The yard crew is working quickly to get Engine #4's tender back on the tracks after a small mishap coming off the turntable.

Something tells me the Yard Boss is not bragging about the size of the last fish he caught.

Photo by Randy Lee Palmer

On detour over the OC&E due to a mudslide on the Rio Grande at Thistle, Utah, the Rio Grande Zephyr heads east over Deep Creek Trestle just prior to entering Sycan. Even though most railroads joined Amtrak in May 1971, the Rio Grande continued to operate its own passenger service between Denver and Salt Lake City until 1983. The train in the background is a westbound freight climbing the 1.5 percent grade to Quartz after meeting the Zephyr at Bly Siding.

Photo by Bill Botkin

OC&E eastbound run through train No.222 passes over Nasty Flats before reaching its destination at Fairport and the Southern Pacific. Today, No. 222 is pulled by SP and Rio Grande "tunnel motors" as a speed boat runs underneath. In the background, a cut of OC&E "skeleton " log cars are blocked to run up to Sycan on train 311 leaving later that day. The bridge on the OC&E mainline at Nasty Flats is an unusual "Bascule" lift bridge design with a full-time bridge tender.

Photo by Bill Botkin